We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services based on core values embodied in all the projects we manage


Our main goal is to offer companies, industrial and logistic estates associations and public administrations services fully oriented to efficiency.

Associativism and APEU

We encourage and manage the creation of business associations in industrial and logistic estates to empowering private companies with the support of local authorities.

With an accurate support to our clients, both public and private, we offer a cutting edge approach including industrial and logistic estates research, anchor companies identification, awareness seminars, and technical support in the association constitution.

The recently approved Law 15/2020 on the Areas of Urban Economic Promotion (the anglosaxon BIDs) offers new possibilities of creating new instruments to promote associations. We suport city councils and business associations in the creation of these APEU

Promotion and Management of Associations

Industrial and logistic estates associations are often constituted to solve specific problems, with no long-term objectives. Our activity focuses on analyzing its strength with an internal diagnosis, identifying anchor companies and detecting problems and opportunities in the estate that can generate a reborn interest in the association. With a specific support through seminars, an ongoing dialogue with the City Council and a new working plan, the association can become again a key player in the city.

Public Administration Efficiency

One of the main obstacles to business competitiveness lies on legal barriers not fully oriented towards agility and cost-efficiency in areas such as urban planning or environment.

We work hard to eliminate or minimize these barriers and actively participate in all those laws and agreements involving economic development.

From our UPIC community we also offer information on grants and subsidies provided by general Government of interest for both companies and business associations.

Territorial Specialization

Every territory has a certain sector-specific expertise linked to its most recent past that provides a competitive edge in its ever evolving economy.

We work with associations and public administrations to improve territorial communication, design investment attraction strategies or foster new economic activities, among others.

Business Competitiveness

By aligning efforts and objectives with Catalan Chambers of Commerce, we provide companies, business associations and public administrations with active advice for innovation, export and business internationalization, tax saving strategies, investment financing search, or customized training.


According to the European Green Deal, the European Union aims to become climate-neutral by 2050. Our commitment is thus to encourage industrial and logistic estates to adopt a sustainable model in a cost efficient way. To accomplish this goal, we have specialized partners to provide grants and subsidies support, technical advice, training sessions and projects implementation.

Efficiency and Energy Transition

We eagerly foster the adoption of measures allowing the introduction of energy generation technologies based on renewable energies with advice, training, design and implementation of technical projects.

We also support companies and business associations in the implementation of cost-efficient projects including energy audits or energy aggregation to secure competitive prices and gain access to renewable energy options.

Waste and Circular Economy

Waste management is an essential in-company practice scarcely well solved, with a legal framework that does not facilitate adequate valorization.

From UPIC we support companies, associations and territories to introduce added value management through waste traceability and control, by advising them in economic and environmental improvements and fostering new business opportunities with their waste-resource.

Telecommunication Network

Telecommunication infrastructure is key to achieving competitiveness with advanced services deployed for business digitalization and internationalization.
We offer technical support with specific solutions to industrial and logistic estates needs. Our professionals actually build, deploy and implement fiber network infrastructure and geo-referenced solutions for telecom network management, among others.

Group Purchasing Services

To gain competitiveness companies must cooperate and, considering that 40% out of their expenditure go straight to non-strategic chapters, Group Purchasing allows them to enhance their financial and operational effectiveness.


Most of industrial and logistic estates suffer from mobility problems partially due to planning designs with current needs exceeding initial forecasts.

We offer advice and implementation of projects fully oriented to improvement and sustainability, including charging points for electric vehicles, shared transport solutions, vehicle parking areas redesign, fleet control, etc.

Urbanism and Landscaping

Functionality and sustainability in industrial urban planning and architecture are a must in 21st century industrial and logistics estates.

We provide technical support for private companies and public institutions in urban planning audits, urban design and planning drafting and management as well as landscaping integration studies, among others.

Resilience and Security

A resilient industrial and logistic estate is that prepared to soften, assimilate, and adapt to changes in the environment. From the UPIC we offer associations and city councils to draw up resilience and security plans with the aim of preparing them to respond to incidents, emergencies and crises, accelerate the return to normalcy, assure employment, improve environmental conditions, facilitate business viability, align the estate with sustainability and 2030 agenda, improve Health and quality of life and increase transparency.

We also offer associations and companies technological solutions to improve industrial and logistic estates security, as well as the internal security and cibersecurity of each company to prevent intrusions, acts of vandalism, theft, labor negligence, fire risk, internal fraud or espionage with the aim of avoiding economic losses.


Innovation is key to 21st century industrial and logistic competitiveness and from UPIC we offer technical support and solutions to associations and territories with the aim of providing a full return back to society from industrial and logistic estates.

PAE3040 Virtual Community

Faced with the specific requirements of industrial and logistic estates around the territory together with the significant economic slowdown, UPIC provides associations with a technological platform to provide more and better effective communication and resource efficiency.

PAE3040 platform offers associations an open and shared space of data exchange, grants information, business generation and assets monetization. A new way of working together -associations and companies, companies and employees- with a tool where they can share thoughts, generate debates, identify challenges, offer ideas and manage projects according to their working plan..

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Geoportal PAE3040

With the aim of fostering local economy, UPIC has designed a geolocation tool for industrial and logistic estates. By geographically mapping estates and companies, interactive information is provided on plots and industrial warehouses supply, and companies located on site..

Gender Perspective

SDG 5 addresses gender equality as a cross-cutting value all throughout society, but unfortunately it has not succeeded to the necessary extent. In recent years initiatives have emerged in some industrial and logistic estates that must be reinforced and displayed intensively.

From UPIC, and with the support of ODEE (Women, Business and Economy Observatory by the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona) we offer training and advisory sessions to level competitive conditions for both working women and men on security, accessibility, language or acknowledgment, among others.

Industrial Estates Humanization

Industrial and logistic estates have traditionally been intensive work spaces too little focused on workers and scarcely permeable with urban areas.

We are fully committed to striving for industrial estates to become kind spaces to work in, by providing new uses to plots and buildings, generating new relationships with their immediate surroundings and particularly improving workers conditions.

Why not hosting sporting and cultural activities in the estates?

Industrial Assets Valorization

It is essential to face the economic challenges of the 21st century with new uses, new needs, new plannings. Not forgetting though, unique industrial spaces that must be brought back into line.

We work to provide a new outlook on our industrial heritage fully adapted to new industry requirements and new industrial activities unable to settle in conventional spaces.